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Just turned 23 and unhappy about it. You see, as a woman I have a natural fear for numbers higher than 20. I know I probably shouldn’t, as many may consider 23 a very pretty number – sure, for 30+ year-old women maybe!!
Aging, as one of many other natural processes, is almost undeniably one of the most painful process a woman has to undergo. It is nearly as morally painful as it is physically painless, and I’ll explain why. It is not about the wrinkles (seriously, I can barely find any wrinkle on my face, and it’s not because I don’t look at the mirror), it’s not about the maternal instinct, the number of eggs I have left or anything related to babies (because I simply don’t really care about that kind of stuff, I’m not even sure I want to have babies. Ever.) – it’s about the opportunity cost. You see, life is about the choices we make. If we chose to do A, we face the risk of losing option B – and that is exactly what I’m talking about. Every hour, every minute of the day, merely by concentrating on completing task A, I lose my other options. By the time I hit the age of 24 I’ll regret all the things I didn’t do when I was 23. Right now I regret not having done much more when I was 22 and younger, whatever the reason. To realize you’re never going to have those times back and that your time-line is getting smaller and smaller – now that takes some courage to not freak out.

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