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Test shoot w/ Katie

February 28, 2010

I officially hate Prague’s weather. Had a photo shoot with my classmate Katie today and it was so freakin’ cloudy the whole freakin’ time! It’s been so sunny the whole week except for Friday – when I had my first photo shoot – and today – when I had my second photo shoot. We did some shooting in the park and right when we were going to pack our backs and call it a…’half day’ it started to go all sunny! I mean, what the hell?! We went back to Katie’s place for her to get changed and just right when we stepped inside that freakin’ Sun got behind the clouds again. UN-believable! The light was so bad I ended up with tons of blurred pictures. Screw that old weather hag!

‘Nways, I learnt some pretty good stuff today too – like always zoom with your feet when you have crappy lens, LoL! I hear that stuff all the time but seriously, I think until you realize it on your own, you won’t remember any of the advice given.

Bunch of pictures to edit. Aaaahhh!!! Gotta sit down and dedicate a whole day to learning new photoshop stuff.

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