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I’m back!!! ^.^

December 2, 2009

Aaaaaa been like ages since the last time I posted something here! Been a busy bee… doing an awfully boring job for awfully little money… hopefully I’ll have saved enough money to buy a Canon DSLR before the spring comes. Upcoming Christmas does not help.

I miss taking pictures so much it cost me a ticket to Backstreet Boy’s concert T_T…. Thought the money’d come in handy when I buy a camera. *Sorry BSB, will always love U guys thou!!!*

Also miss acting with my Meisner group, my piano (which is currently lying quietly in the corner of my room collecting dust), cooking, oil-on-canvas painting (a project I haven’t had time to realize) and other crafting stuff… *sigh*

I’ve decided (and I’m determined to) maintain a proper blog so I’m hoping to make improvement soon… ^_^

This is what I meant by “other crafting stuff”

Took me an hour to make this, but it was all worth it!!!! ^_^

More crafts coming soon, stay tuned ^_^

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