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July 10, 2009


We had a discussion about happiness the other day in my English class, during which I’d brought up the importance of money so many times that soon everyone started to make jokes about me and my unbelievably materialistic self. To be honest, I really am a little ashamed of how materialistic I’ve become, but to be even more honest, I think it’s totally sensible.

Trying hard as I might, I could not bring myself to understand why money, despite its undeniable power, is constantly being seen as the root of all evil or, in better cases, as something so unnecessary and oh-so-superficial.

According to majority, the key to happiness is having a bunch of friends, somewhere to live, something to eat, and some clothes to wear. Well, I totally agree, I’d just shorten the list a little bit: Money. With no money in your pocket there wouldn’t be anywhere to live, anything to eat, no clothes to put on and, to be totally honest here, there’s little chance you’d have a bunch of friends hanging around.

“Money can’t buy you happiness” is, according to me, a highly overused stament anytime a topic of this kind is raised. More often than not people try to capture the moral high ground and fail to see – or better put: choose to overlook – what is real. And what’s real is that money is – and probably will be for a very long time – the most powerful tool there is to achieve happiness.

Alright…a little song from the legendary group Abba called Money, Money, Money to go with the topic 😀

Damn…now I’m all ashamed about how materialistic I am, LOL 😀

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