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Dimanche matin

January 3, 2008

So here comes the blog I’ve always wanted to have but sadly never really set my mind on creating one. I’ve never found the time or had a real spiritual kick in the head to feel the urge of having AND maintaining a proper blog. Well, high time to do so 🙂

Dimanche matin – Sunday morning – because I love Sunday mornings. I don’t know what it is, but I’m usually very calm and happy at that time. It’s the time when my chaotic soul goes on holiday and I can finally have my much deserved rest from everything that is going on (and wrong) around me.

I’ve been in the need of positive energy lately – all the energy I can have to keep me alive AND functional. I need a place where I can recharge. I need more than just one Sunday morning a week. (Jeez, sounds like a confession of a drug addict 😀 😀 )

SO! I guess there’s gonna be an awful lot of entries about the little things that make me happy – like cooking, painting, playing piano, writing, dancing, acting… – nonsense, really, but then again life is about the little things that put the smile on your face when everything and everyone else fails, right?!

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